Is there the sound of termites in your walls

There could be a termite infestation if there is a clicking, buzzing, or tapping sound coming from the wall. Since termites are so elusive, they do millions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes every year, much of which goes unrepaired. They produce weird clicking noises to talk to one another in the colony, and depending on how bad the infestation is, you might even hear them gnawing on wood.

We’ve addressed the most frequently asked issues concerning termite noises to assist you decide if you’re dealing with a termite problem. Any time you hear any of these noises, it’s time to call boston pest control for quick assistance.

Can you explain what termites are?

Termites, an insect species, are known to feed mostly on cellulose, a material typically found in wood. Small in stature, they flaunt a set of white, see-through wings. Often misidentified as ants due to their similar coloration (which can range from white to a light brown), they are a distinct species.

Homeowners often discover the presence of termites due to the fact that their diet often includes wood. Scattered wings, muddy footprints, wood chips, and clicking noises are some of the indicators. However, sometimes termites aren’t spotted until the damage is already extensive.

What about the sound of termites in the walls? Undeniably, you do have that option. A few of the more prevalent noises are described below.

Is there the sound of termites in your walls?

Termite sounds are another telltale sign of an infestation, alongside the more obvious signs like discarded wings, mud tubes, and hollowed wood. Termites often make noises during their normal behaviour.

There is a very low frequency to the sounds made by termites, making them difficult to hear. When you are alone and inside, the nighttime hours are prime time for hearing the sounds. The termites’ movement through the wood, either when chewing or gnawing, is the source of the noise. The sound is muffled when there is only a small colony of termites, so you’ll need to listen closely. The scale of the infestation determines the intensity of the noise and the degree of destruction.

How loudly do termites gnaw through wood?

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the various sounds termites make so you can keep an ear out for them. Pest Aid should be contacted immediately if you detect the scurrying sound of termites in the wall.