Self-expression is one of the most motivating forces behind fashion statements and trends today. This has led to the birth and evolution of different dress styles. One of which is streetwear.

What is street wear?

Streetwear is a combination of casual clothing that is considered fashionable. They have also become popular on the list of distinctive fashion trends among young adults of various interests. Some include:

  • Skateboarders
  • Surfers
  • Pop  and R&B singers
  • Rappers

The adoption of this mode of dressing by such a famous group of people has made this otherwise overlooked and disregarded dressing method gain global appeal.


Street wear is said to have first appeared in the 1980s during the era of DIY when skating and surfing were the two most indulged and popular sporting activities.

Over the years street era has evolved and has been adapted into the dressing routine of more people, especially younger generations.

Types of street wear

Due to cultural and expressional differences, streetwear is slightly different in its presentation from one place or person to another. Some of the different types of streetwear range from sport-influenced streetwear to luxury streetwear and original streetwear.

Different ways to style it

The whole idea of street clothing is that you have to be comfortable, which is why comfortable clothes are top on the radar. Baggy and loose pants are highly recommended, and also joggers offer the comfort that this style requires.


This is a must-have for every streetwear enthusiast. Your dressing is only complete with the touch of sneakers.

Be daring

Streetwear is daring, so you can consider oversized pants and pair them with oversized shirts. Both offer comfort as well as style.


From wearing a baggy jeans jumpsuit, knee or ankle length, to wearing baggy denim jeans, t-shirts can do no wrong as they blend well whichever way you choose to pair them.

Finally, streetwear is all about authenticity and expressing yourself in a way that feels real to you. Tenshi Streetwear offers you a variety of choices that would fit your style of expression.