Teach Yourself How To Draw

Do you like to draw? Teaching yourself can make you feel accomplished and proud of your amazing work as you continue to refine your craft. Let’s take a look at four ways that you can teach yourself how to draw.

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1. Practice, Practice, Practice!

They say that practice makes perfect. When it comes to drawing, it takes hours and hours of practice to refine your style and get your masterpieces just right.

Find inspiration from your favorite artists. Try to mimic how they drew one of their masterpieces. Look at the lines, grooves, and shading they used to create the art. Take your time mimicking the style and observe the ways you move your drawing pencil or pen to get the picture about the same as the original artist.

From there, you can find your unique drawing style, fuse it with your creative mind, and draw new scenery, cartoon or anime characters, or even portraits of others.

2. Watch YouTube Videos

Drawing is a visual art. Find top-ranking videos on YouTube that show you the basics of drawing such as understanding and interpreting edges, shadows, spacing, lighting, and how each one ties in together for the final product. Evaluating the whole piece as a finished product is another valuable skill that you can learn from watching drawing YouTube videos and continue practicing for at least an hour per day.

Mix up what type of videos you watch for varying perspectives. While you can learn drawing from a more professional standpoint thanks to an instructor’s videos, getting another teaching angle from a self-taught drawer like you can help you to gain a new perspective.

3. Take a Private Class

If you have the investment to put out for a private instructor, jump in and do it! That one-on-one mentorship is a valuable asset to your drawing journey.

Take to social media to find out if any of your friends know a private drawing instructor in your area. Websites like Varsity Tutors can get you connected to private drawing tutors that can meet up with you in person or teach you virtually.

The private instructor can counsel you on different techniques for drawing realistic-looking humans or how to get the look just right if you want to draw a cartoon character or a picture-perfect scenery from nature.

Drawing takes on different mediums. While you may be comfortable with a specific type of pen or pencil, your private instructor may challenge you to expand your horizons and try a different brand of colored pencils. While drawing in black and white seems traditional, adding that pop of color can help bring your pictures to life while making your drawing journey much more real for you.

4. Enroll In a Group Class

Enrolling in a group class to enhance your drawing skills can help you build comradery with other artists in your area. You can collaborate to help one another by using your strengths to refine another drawer’s weaknesses. A group class is more sociable and interactive than a private class because you are receiving multiple perspectives from different people whereas, in a private setting, you get the perspective of only one person.


Where will your drawing journey take you next? Tell us about it in the comments below!