Exercising Outdoors In The Summer Heat

Once the warm weather appears, you no longer need to limit your workout regime to the inside of a gym. Instead, you can take your exercise and wellness outdoors and into nature. Not only does this mean that your fitness endeavors can be enjoyed along with beautiful backdrops but it also allows you to stimulate your mind too, using ecologically rich spaces to improve wellbeing.

Without the equipment and regiment of a gym, however, some struggle to transfer their workout to the outdoors. And, with the lack of air conditioning, the outdoors can be challenging to adapt to. So, to help inspire the transition, here are six ideas for exercising outdoors in the summer heat!

Find An Outdoor Gym

It may surprise you to learn that a number of local parks have their own outdoor equivalent of a gym. Often, and with a passing glance, the bodyweight equipment can be perceived as an unusual children’s playground when it is, in fact, a sturdy and suitable collection of assets perfect for a full-body workout. These are a great way to begin transferring your exercise outdoors since they offer much of what a local gym does.

Choose The Right Gear

Breathable clothing from brands such as P.E. Nation Activewear are even more important outdoors and on a hot day, ensuring that sweat is pulled away from the body and your skin remains cool.  Before you take your exercise outdoors, be sure that you’re dressed appropriately and, importantly, with moisture-wicking wear.

Learn A Trail

Instead of relying on the running machine, find a runner’s map or consult a local group and begin taking your miles to the streets. Running outdoors has its own considerations, especially in urban areas, and will require good hydration during the summer months, but the experience and thrill are much greater than that of a treadmill.

Take To Water

If you have a body of water nearby, be it the sea or a lake, there is great potential for you to discover a whole new way of exercising. Swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, and other such activities all have great fitness benefits, from balancing exercises to high and low impact regime potential.

Join A Group

In the same way that a gym class can encourage you to keep at your exercise, as well as to have fun with friends, joining an outdoor group activity can be just as rewarding. Taking on an outdoor activity with friends, whether running, climbing, or kayaking, can also help you to feel safe and encourage you to push yourself further than you might have on your own.

Mornings And Evenings

Exercising outdoors has benefits but it also has risks. Trying to fit your regime into the middle of the day can be difficult and, depending on the heat, exhausting. While water and shade are always recommended, it is best to keep your chosen outdoor activity to the mornings and evenings to ensure that you remain cool and safe. You will generally find these periods are also quieter too, meaning that you can enjoy privacy as you workout.