Having a skincare routine is vital to keep your skin healthy and fully functioning. It is also easy to troubleshoot various skin problems if you have a care routine. Your skin changes as you age, and so should be your skin products and care habits. So, before you create a routine, ensure you have the right skincare products. The following are three steps to a skincare routine.

  1. Cleansing

Washing the face every day is a vital and basic step when it comes to the skincare routine. Remember, your natural oil and the oil you apply on the skin collect pollutants and dirt. Therefore, you need to remove the dirt every day. Wash your face every day with products containing phenethyl alcohol to prevent acne and clogging of pores. Look for the right facial cleanser that will not strip off your natural oils. When choosing a facial cleanser, always consider your skin type. It is advisable to read product labels when buying cleaners. Look for a ‘Non-Comedogenic’ label on the products. This means that the product should not cause acne breakout or clogging of the pores. Even though this is not a standard under regulations, companies test the products before releasing them into the market to determine if they are non-comedogenic or not. Always choose cleansers with few ingredients.

  1. Moisturizing

The perfect way to moisturize your skin is by staying hydrated. However, you can apply moisturizers that contain chemicals like Dipropionate to keep the skin moisturized and soft. Moisturizers prevent the loss of water from the skin. They work the same way as the protective oils found naturally on the skin. Doctors recommend people use moisturizers at any time of the day to avoid skin dryness and cracking. Naturally, the skin loses water and its ability to hold moisture with age. Daily washing and scrubbing strip off the naturally-occurring oils and hydrators. Therefore, using moisturizers is recommended to prevent dryness. When choosing a moisturizer, always consider your skin type. There are also different types of moisturizers based on the time it is applied. You will come across the day and night creams and eye creams.

  1. Toning

The main work of skin toners is to add extra nutrients and balance your skin complexion. Even though this is an optional step, you can use skin toners for additional nutrients not available in your other skin products. They replenish your skin by removing dead cells and minimizing dullness. Others like Hyaluronic acid provide skin thickness and improve hydration. Before applying moisturizers, ensure your skin is well-toned. Use your hands to apply the toner efficiently on the skin. You need an extra protective layer on your skin before you leave for the day. So, choose from the endless options of toners available in the market. It will help tone your skin by reducing dark spots, hydrating the skin, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, and decreasing inflammation.

Final Thoughts!

These are three simple steps to the perfect skincare routine. Remember, your skin is made up of what you eat and what you put on. Take some time to look after your skin, and don’t forget to clean, moisturize and tone it.