It really doesn’t matter what career you have fallen into, what style of life you have or what kind of personality you are, if you love to be creative then you should find a way to do it. We have all kinds of contributors to our blog from an 18 wheeler accident attorney to a quantity surveyor, very professional in their jobs by day, but people who let their creative juice flow when the job is done.

For many people they think that creativity is something which must be sacrificed when they launch a career, but the reality is that we should all seek to create, and here is why.


More importantly than anything else is the level of relaxation which you get when you are able to invest time in creating something. No matter whether this is a water color, a piece of music or a sculpture, nothing like creating helps us to forget about our troubles and channel our focus on a single piece.

Sense of Achievement

Not many of us get the constant sense of pride and achievement which creating something can bring, and that can have a negative impact on our self esteem. When you have invested a great deal of time win trying to put something together from nothing, you get an overwhelming sense of pride which is hard to replicate anywhere else in life.

Improves Brain Health

Whilst studies are still at the anecdotal stage we are seeing more and more pieces of research which find that those who tap into the creative aspects of their minds, end up with healthier brains in older age. This makes perfect sense to the layman of course, and surely allowing the neural pathways which help us create, to flex and exercise can only be a good thing in the long run.

Meeting People

As we get older meeting people can get a little more challenging, and it is important that we do our best to connect with like minded spirits. This is certainly something that you will be able to do when you begin to create, and you will find that there are all kinds of communities out there which you will be able to connect with. Painters coming together with sculptors or designers has happened for years, and this could be a great way for you to improve your social standing.

Avoids Wasted Time

We live in a generation where so much time is being wasted in the consumption of useless information via the internet. Many people wish to put an end to this and this is why getting up and creating is the perfect way to pass the time. Even if you are creating videos to post online, it is much better than simply digesting some of the useless data which we are surrounded by.

This is exactly why everyone should look into putting a little time aside to create something from their heart.