Online gaming has become a lifeline for many people over recent years with COVID causing the introduction of lockdowns that led to millions of people having to stay at home without being able to leave. There are many different gaming platforms to choose from when it comes to gaming from home players can pick here to see a list of gaming websites that are very popular amongst online gamers. Online gaming has become a huge part of people’s lifestyle with some people playing online games for more than five hours every day of the week. Online gaming is a way of life for many with a lot of people using online gaming to help them to socialise and meet new people, a lot of people are learning people skills through online gaming and communicating with new people which has proved to be a great way for people to meet new friends. With online gaming now there are chat rooms where you can type things to each other or on games like call of duty if you wear a headset you can directly speak to everyone else in the game and to others who also own a headset. Online gaming has proven to help a lot of people during recent times with being at home for long periods being quite tough for a lot of people and online gaming has helped to take people’s minds off the situation.

Due to the positive results of many from playing online games, there are a lot of other new people joining up to play online games after hearing from their friends how much it has helped them and given them a positive lifestyle and outlook on life. Online gaming has become one of the most popular hobbies for people to have an especially the younger generation with kids and teenagers taking to online gaming more often than adults are. Games such as FIFA and call of duty have become more popular than ever before with record sales being seen and not to mention record numbers of people playing the games. People are also taking to mobile gaming from smartphones with them being able to hose some amazing graphics and technology on the games which have proven to be very popular amongst gamers. The gaming industry is now at a record high with this year set to also be the best one yet.