Is winter approaching and you have a newborn? Newborn babies cannot support themselves until they reach a certain age. They, therefore, require support and care from their parents at all times. During winter, the body concentrates on maintaining its temperature. Newborns need extra care during winter since their immunity is fragile. Viruses and microbes thrive in cold conditions and might easily infect your baby.

Winter necessities for newborns.

  1. a) Humidifier.

During the cold season, most homes use portable heaters or install heating systems in their baby’s room to raise the temperature. However, this can make your baby’s skin and the air in your baby’s room dry. To maintain the moisture level at optimum, you should install a humidifier.

  1. b) Comfortable dressing.

If your baby’s movement is restricted by thick sweaters, caps, socks, and gloves, they will be irritable. The room temperature should determine the clothes that you make them wear. The clothes should not be constricting but cover the body completely. A good example is baby girl jumpsuits.

It is advisable to buy baby boy clothes set to avoid running out of dry clothes for your newborn when it is cold. Socks and gloves will keep your baby warm hence falling asleep peacefully. You can also shop for warm clothes online in the classic children’s clothing section.

  1. c )Moisturizer.

The winters’ atmosphere is very harsh but the baby’s skin is extremely sensitive. A good skin moisturizer will ensure your baby’s skin is soft and supple.The skin moisturizer and cream you use should be approved for use on the baby’s skin. To maintain your baby’s skin texture and glow, you should use a cream rich in butter and milk cream.

  1. d) Avoid heavy blankets.

Covering your newborn with a nice heavy blanket may not be the safest way to keep your baby warm. Your baby should be able to move their arms freely. If they can’t, they might try to do so and end up pulling the blanket over their face increasing the risk of SIDS.You should therefore use a light blanket and maintain optimal room temperature.

  1. e) Breastfeeding.

Nutrients and antibodies are present in breastmilk. It helps to boost an infant’s immunity and protect them from getting sick. The mother’s warmth while breastfeeding will keep the newborn relaxed.

  1. f) Massage the infant.

For your newborn to develop and grow well, you should give them a daily massage especially in the winter season. When you massage your baby, you stimulate blood flow throughout their body. It makes them calm and boosts their immunity indirectly. Massage your baby gently in a warm room using good massage oil.

  1. g) Baby’s room temperature.

Your baby’s room should be comfortable and warm to protect your infant from harsh winter conditions. The doors of your home and windows should remain locked. Ensure the room is also well ventilated.


Don’t panic because the winter season is approaching, and you are worried you can’t take care of your newborn. Every parents’ dream is to keep their baby healthy and comfortable at all times. To achieve this, you will need a humidifier, moisturizer, comfortable dressing, massaging your infant, breastfeeding, and avoiding heavy blankets.