The immediate impact of a car crash can influence your ability to think. Texas laws require involved drivers to report an accident if there was injury, death, or considerable vehicle damage involved. Make sure to call the police (or the local sheriff’s office) directly from the accident site. If someone is injured and in need of help, call 911. Once the dust settles, call your insurer and contact a Houston car accident attorney. People often have reservations about hiring an accident lawyer, mostly because they fear the costs and expenses. The good part is most lawyers in Houston take accident cases on a contingency fee, which means you don’t pay the lawyer if you don’t recover any money. Here’s why hiring a lawyer is so necessary. 

Insurance companies can be shrewd

People are often surprised by the offer from the insurance company when they file an accident claim. It is assumed that the insurer would be empathic to the victim. Unfortunately, these are companies that work for a profit, and they make money from premiums. Each settlement they pay is a dent in their earnings. As such, the insurance representative may do anything and everything to reduce the settlement or deny the claim when possible. Without an attorney, you are really on your own, which can significantly impact what you recover for your damages and losses. Top lawyers have the experience to deal with insurance claims adjusters, and they would negotiate accordingly. 

You need to know your claim

Just because you were injured in an accident doesn’t always mean you have a claim against the other party. You have to prove three important things –

  • The other party was negligent, which caused the car crash
  • Your injuries are directly related to the accident 
  • The other party owed you a duty of care

You need to have key evidence to prove your claim, and without an attorney, things can be complicated. Your lawyer can check all relevant details, talk to experts, medical professionals about your injuries, and use services like accident reconstruction to determine the worth of your claim. Your lawyer will also check if you had a share in fault and how that can impact your settlement as Texas is a modified comparative fault state. 

Don’t delay calling an attorney after an accident. Their expertise and insight can help recover your losses, including medical bills and lost income. You can also expect considerable support in fighting the case.