There are different Types of Fake Diamonds and by looking at the price tag and the characteristics, it can be easier for you to buy one for yourself. Well, this article will provide you with the description, price tag and other characteristic features of some of the best fake diamonds that steals everyone’s attention. Always remember before buying that, the best fake diamond is the one that cannot be differentiated from the real one when you see it or take it in your hands. These fake diamonds are not always known as fake diamonds in the market and have other names as well. You may hear it as imitation diamonds or simulated diamonds.

The features of Moissanite

In its own right, Moissanite is one of the most popular and widely considered gems that are available in the market. Nowadays, you will find most of the moissanite to be synthetic in nature and is considered to be one of the best faux diamonds on the market. If you need to know the price, well, moissanite is 1/10th the price of the original diamond. One of the advantages of moissanite over other imitation diamonds is its hardness, as it is known to be one of the hard substances on earth, while not that of a real diamond. It is rare to find it in its natural form, so most of them are created in the laboratory.

The features of Crystals

In some of the brands, you will find crystal glass like a diamond simulant. These are generally man-made precision-cut crystals. These are known as diamond simulant as it closely resembles the original diamond. Moreover, these man-made crystals have other names as well and these are famous in some specific regions. The other names of such man-made crystals are diamantes and rhinestone crystals. You may find these two names to be a common one. These crystals have a better sparkle as compared to the other stimulants. These are made perfect by melting the silicon at a higher temperature and if it is combined with lead, it can be called lead crystals.

The features of white sapphire

White sapphire is considered to be one of the great materials to make an imitation diamond. White Sapphires have a lower price as compared to a real diamond and lack colour. Due to these characteristic features, white sapphires, most of the times, are used as a substitute for diamonds. In many cases, the white sapphires that are found in nature are grey or yellow stones. These are then taken in the laboratory and after processing, they achieve their clear colour, which looks similar to that of real diamonds. While selecting, the cloudy hue of white sapphires is discarded and only the clear ones are taken.