Your association has decided to hire a professional HOA management service. The next step is check for options. Managing a homeowner’s association can be overwhelming, especially for residents who have limited known of its functioning and admin work. There is considerable money at stake, so there’s no room for errors either. If you are having a hard time comparing Phoenix HOA management companies, here are some things to consider. 

Choose licensed and accredited company

Today, HOA management companies need to have a license and necessary certifications to operate. Also, check if the company has been accredited by known organizations, such as Community Associations Institute (CAI). A known HOA management service should have the expertise and experience to handle the specific challenges of your association. 

Get proposals

Companies are usually quick in sending proposals, but the homeowner’s association needs to be careful with the price. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. HOA management should be outsourced to a company that can align its expertise for the needs of the concerned association. 

Determine the scope

Associations often have different kinds of arrangements and contracts with HOA management companies. Ideally, it is best to have just one company to look into the five important aspects – finances, admin work, accounting, security, and maintenance. Before discussing the pros and cons of each service, it is wise to check if they can understand the scope. 

Pricing is critical, but secondary

Don’t be fooled to hire an HOA management company, merely because they are the cheapest or fit your budget. What is more important is their work profile and ability to deliver. If you are concerned with the budget, there is always scope to discuss that aspect, but don’t step back from paying a tad more to a service that has good reviews and are an apt match. 

Ask for consultation

Top HOA management companies in Phoenix will be more than happy to offer consultation for your association’s management needs and current challenges. It is important to ask about the kind of relationship they have with local contractors, which is key to maintenance and upkeep of the community. 

For large associations, hiring a HOA management is not exactly a choice. Board members need to understand that the work of the association is beyond basic payment of bills or collecting dues. It involves planning relevant tasks and focusing on resident welfare, for which management ethics are highly important.