After a year of the quarantine blues and a renaissance for sweatpants, many people are looking in the mirror and wondering whatever happened to their sense of style. Remember getting dressed up and doing a special hairstyle for work? Remember going to the gym for a workout and to the salon for a haircut? Remember using lotion to moisturize instead of just shrugging the dry skin away? All of these realities can be yours again and sooner than you may imagine.

The coronavirus social-distancing regulations are already loosening as vaccine rollouts amp up and states are relaxing their mask mandates. Of course, we all still need to say safe, but the truth is that many practitioners have figured out ways to keep clients safe while providing services at the same time. For example, massage therapists can provide every type of massage—sports massage, therapeutic massage, and everything in between. Plus, that’s not the only good news. Making a massage therapy appointment can also get you your style back. So, for ways in which massage therapy can bring you back with a bang, read on.

Massage therapy helps with relaxation.

If there’s one thing that everyone needs after the unending friction of the past year or so, it’s relaxation. It’s not that a little bit of aromatherapy massage will bring you back to the table, but it will calm you down enough to try out some new strokes in your personal life. After a massage, whether it’s a Swedish massage or a Thai massage, with all the knots worked out of all areas of the body, you’ll find yourself being able to envision trying out new colors, maybe a new hairstyle, and even some fun prints.

Trying out new styles feels easier after the massage therapy.


If you’re all stressed out about work, and you can’t even decide what form of massage you’re interested in trying out, you definitely won’t be able to think about how to wear clip-in bangs or whether you’re interested in trying out hair extensions. Some people even have a fear of seeing a massage therapist. Once the aches and pains and fatigue, you can consider other style options. Conquering your fear of the massage table will make you feel bold enough to take that courageous attitude to your own hair as well.

Bodywork inspires style work.


Bodywork is also inspiring. Maybe you have a chronic health condition that comes with muscle aches, and you didn’t know you could ever feel so great. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of massage, aromatherapy, and even reflexology, you may feel inspired to show off how great you’re feeling. With chronic pain a thing of the past, you can enjoy new clothing and style preferences and texture options as well. There are even options for pregnant women dealing with nausea and pain; prenatal massage is great for helping ease those challenges. That being said, you should always speak to a health practitioner before making an appointment for a prenatal massage, as there can be some dangers, depending on your pregnancy.

A massage appointment can do a world of good, both for relaxing you from your scalp to your toes and for inspiring you to take on new styles as well. After all, the sky’s the limit when it comes to trying out new hairstyles and textures. It’s been a tough year, but there’s a light at the end of this ordeal. It may just be time to get the deep relaxation you deserve by perusing a massage therapy website and booking a session with a massage therapist. Even if you don’t end up trying out choppy bangs or hair extensions, you’ll definitely feel a lot better once your tense areas have been released.