A birthday can be the best occasion to show someone special in your life how much you care by getting them the perfect present. It’s a time to celebrate a family member, friend, or significant other with a gift or surprise that represents your love.

However, with so many birthdays in the year, it can be hard to find a great present every time for everyone in your life. If you are someone that doesn’t like to shop or maybe doesn’t know the person’s style, taste, and preferences well enough to find a gift they will like, then you may need to seek some inspiration. So, here are some present ideas that are sure to surprise even the pickiest of gift receivers.

Gift them a piece of jewelry.

A shiny accessory is a great way to make that person in your life feel loved and celebrated. Online jewelry stores provide a range of pieces for you to browse from an array of high-end jewelers right at the click of a button. From earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces you are sure to find that perfect amount of sparkle for the best present. Birthdays can also be a great way to mark a momentous occasion like a proposal. When you propose to your sweetheart on their birthday it makes the day even more special and gives you both memories you can cherish every year. When it comes to making such an investment as the perfect engagement ring, there are many things to consider before buying a diamond.

First, you have to decide the cut, clarity, and carat size for your engagement ring. In order to find the best diamond that will leave your significant other in awe, it’s important to take into account your future fiancée’s personal style and taste in jewelry. Ring choices can be overwhelming, but lab-created diamonds offer the most beautiful diamond options for the best prices. Lab-created diamonds are the best way to ensure your ring is ethically produced and sourced while maintaining the same color grade and brilliance as a traditionally mined diamond’s value.

Gift them with a service.

Pamper that special someone in your life by gifting them a service for their birthday. A luxury service idea could be a private chef for an evening, a spa day, or a cleaning company for the week. All ideas are a great way to give them an opportunity to get out of their busy schedule in order to relax and feel special.

This can especially be a great present idea for someone in your life that may be embarking on a home renovation. There are numerous services that make home renovations easier to gift them that will provide them a great sense of relief. Major renovations can be a stressful and chaotic process that creates clutter and can preclude any homeowner from living a comfortable lifestyle. Home renovations can turn someone’s space into a construction zone and is the reason that any professional service you can gift is sure to be a welcome surprise.

Host a party for them.

The best non-materialistic way to show someone that you care about them is by throwing them a birthday party. Not only does this take the stress out of finding a gift but instead you can give them memories that will last a lifetime. Party planning can be a daunting task but by taking into account the right tips for planning a birthday party you can easily pull off a great celebration.

The first step to organizing the perfect birthday party is to make a checklist that includes who you want to invite, the party theme, and the party venue. After you make a guest list and invite all the right friends and family, you can decide on the smaller details like the decor and the birthday cake. Throwing that special someone in your life a surprise party is the best way to show them how much you care. And even during this global pandemic, you still have the option to throw a wild Zoom party online!