Have you found yourself looking for a new house but not wanting to leave your current neighborhood? Are you running out of space in your old home, but not ready to take your kids out of their school? These are just some of the questions that could make you think about a knockdown renovation on your old home to make way for the house that you and your loved ones need.

What’s a knockdown rebuild?

knockdown rebuild is an extensive home renovation that involving tearing down your old house to create the house of your dreams through a new build. Rebuilding a new home is a start to finish process that requires attention and tender loving care from not just the homeowners, but the planner and crew behind the reconstruction.

Rather than opt for a renovation of an existing building, homeowners can work with team members to construct the family home of their dreams on their current lot of land, rather than shopping for another house elsewhere. Sometimes, knockdown rebuilds are considered a more cost-effective approach than upgrades to your house. Builders may determine that a home has too many pre-existing issues that are cheaper to start anew rather than make repairs on the current systems like plumbing, roofing, and structural integrity.

What to Consider Before a Knockdown


Before you opt for this rebuild process, be sure to evaluate your budget. Recognize that opting for this creation of a new home will result in just rubble and a vacant lot after the initial demolition. Without the old building, you will have to consider temporary quarters for you and your family. This entire project has to be a long-term project, so be sure this new house will be your home for years to come.

Rebuilding resets the clock on everything of a physical nature about your house, from new roofing and siding to a brand new refrigerator for the kitchen. If you do consider selling in the long run, you are effectively putting a newer model on the real estate market, which could mean more money for you and your agent upon sale.

If the knockdown rebuild seems right for you, make sure to buy everything upfront, down to the hinges you put on your new doors. Be sure to list out everything with your planner or consultant, and leave nothing to assumption that may hinder the process at any step.

The Rebuild Impacts More than Just You


While you are making the house of your dreams come true, be cognizant of who else is being impacted by your rebuild. Be sure to consult with your neighbors before any renovation begins, as construction equipment, dumpsters, and teams of workers become a part of their community for weeks and months to come.

Utility companies can also be a stressor. Missed appointments to disconnect and reconnect utilities can delay demolition and reconstruction. This red tape process can make things sluggish, just like working with town officials on zoning restrictions to make sure a knockdown and a rebuild are within your permittance to move forward with.

Be sure to consider where your family will temporarily reside while you wait for the completion of your new home. Look into a rental that makes the most financial sense along with your knockdown and renovation. Venterra Realty Management, the owner and manager of 64 apartment communities across eleven major US cities, has provided housing to over 33 thousand people. Venterra relies on their industry-leading customer experience to bring new dwellers into their apartment homes, whether the stay is temporary or longer term. Venterra Realty Management Company works to ensure their renters are kept comfortable, even as their dream home awaits.