A healthy body and mind are the hallmark of real success. However, in the quest of professional achievements, we often ignore our health.

Practising a healthy lifestyle can be challenging in today’s time. With high demanding jobs, fast-paced life and technology advancements, our relationships with nature and our own body and soul has moved down on the priority list.

But staying healthy is easy. All you need is a commitment to staying fit and healthy.

Business leaders and fitness enthusiasts like Ali Ghani and Anne Dimon show us that staying healthy isn’t difficult in one’s busy professional life.

Here are ways you can achieve a healthy lifestyle without doing anything extraordinary or going out of your way.

Walk whenever possible

Try walking to the nearby grocery store or the children’s park. If your workplace isn’t very far, walk to work. Walking is a low-intensity cardiovascular exercise that helps you pump oxygen in the blood, and reduces the risk of heart diseases. It also boosts your metabolism and improves digestion.

I have come across Ali Ghani, an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, and learned  the importance of  including  exercise into our daily schedules.

Eat a balanced diet

Eat healthily and eliminate junk from your food. Choose food that is low in saturated fat and sugar. Include more fruits and vegetables and a high fibre food in your meal. A healthy and balanced diet provides essential vitamins and minerals for all your body organs to function. Also, oily and sugary food makes you lethargic, and pull down your energy levels.

Don’t smoke

Tobacco consumption can seriously harm your lungs and other body organs and make you more susceptible to life-threatening illness like cancer or heart disease. While drinking alcohol in moderation has some health benefits, overconsumption can have similar effects on your body like smoking.

Drink plenty of water

Drink water to stay hydrated and avoid any sugary drink. Soda or energy drinks can give you an instant energy boost, but they are a significant source of added sugar. Studies show that one or two soft drinks every day can make you 25% more likely to get type 2 diabetes.

Sleep adequately

Sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body. We often put sleeping in the last priority and squeeze it out from our busy working day. As much as it refreshes it, a good sleep reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.

Moreover, our body repairs all damaged cells when we are sleeping. Therefore, resting often is necessary for our growth development.

Don’t overstress yourself.

Stress is inevitable, but how we handle it makes a difference. Don’t let anger, frustration and anxiety consume your body and mind. If you get irritated and tired too soon and find it difficult to sleep at night. If the little things overwhelm you, try to meditate, exercise, listen to music, laugh with friends and family, or do anything that brings you happiness and peace of mind. If you still find it difficult to cope with the anxiety and often feel depressed, consult a mental health expert.