In this new generation, parents are pushing their children to become a techie kid. Tablets and mobile phones have become the most integrated parts of our daily activities. Most of the parents allow their children to have a cell phone with them because it keeps them always in touch with them. But weighing the pros and cons of giving your children digital freedom, parents have to face many challenges. Most of the parents think that limiting Internet access for children could help them in establishing good cyber safety but children Have more beyond the thinking capacity.

due to the pros and cons, there have been a dozen of reasons for the parents to buy and set up parental control apps on the child’s device. FamiSafe parental control app not only helps you in limiting Internet usage but also allows you to track the location of your child and tracking the history of the location. Geofence settings, which are, limiting the area of the region your child can enter, is a special feature of the FamiSafe parental control app.

Every parent would like to be with the children all the time and protect them from the unseen enemies on online gold. But in the teenage, children want to stay away from the reach of parents, being unknown to the outside world.

Outstanding features of FamiSafe

Femi safe is a parental control app, launched by wonder share. This is one of the most trusted parental control apps which allow parents to control the mobile location tracker and track it. This app gives you complete control over your child’s phone.

This app allows parents to access the search history and user database to know everything about the child. It also provides application usage history and details which gives parents great help in monitoring their offspring.

This app not only allows you to find the location of your child but also gives you the real-time location of the tracker.

This app gives you information about the timetable routine of your child. It also provides information about the time of the day; your child has been playing games. It also provides information about any suspicious or harmful content being searched by your offspring.

The most important feature of it is its GPS tracker 

This app provides you a map of you your children ‘s Current and last recorded location by inbuild location tracker. This app also provides you with quick shortcuts for certain user actions.

You may customize your child’s schedule, Geofence notifications, and screen time facing the limit of your child.

You may also get a notification of the inappropriate, harmful, harassment content found in your kid’s text convert session. You may also control your kid from being cyberbullies.

The pricing system of FamiSafe 

FamiSafe parental control app gives you a free 3-day trial on signing up with it. It allows you to use and test all of its features without any limitation during the free trial. Once the trial period is over, you can choose a particular subscription plan for the continued usage of the features. Every plan is valid for every kind of device.

The monthly plan is about $ 9.99, where is, the yearly plan costs about $ 59.99 A year. A quarterly plan is also provided to you by parental control app which is billed as $ 19.99 Every quarter.

Steps to set up failsafe Parental control app for the first time

  • Download and install the application on any of your devices.
  • Sign up by registering your account on the application.
  • Log into the account on the smartphone. Keep it in the parent mode.
  • On-screen instructions would be given to you to complete the setup process of your smartphone. Follow those instructions to complete the setup process.
  • Install the same application on your offspring’s smartphone.
  • Sign in with the same account and set up the device on kid mode.
  • Again, follow the onscreen instructions given to you add application stop ensured that your profile on FamiSafe Has been managed.
  • Once you have installed the applications you will be able to control the features on your kid’s device.

The ultimate guide for parental control

This is the most reliable parental control app which now allows 3rd party login and pairing code mode. It gives parents mind peace and fosters healthy digital habits in children. It also provides you to have full control in monitoring your child’s online activities and app usage from a single place.

This parental control app helps you to track a cell phone, track the daily activities of the kid, and which app is used how much time.

This app also allows you to set time limits for study and sleep. It gives you a special feature of rewarding your child when they finish the agreed task. FamiSafe parental control app helps you to block inappropriate or unwanted websites.