An eye injury can lead to partial vision loss or complete blindness. This is a condition the victim can suffer along with painful recovery that can significantly affect their life. Also, this injury can impact their quality of life and make them unable to work if they can’t carry out the task needed for the job. If you have sustained an eye injury because of another person’s negligence, you should consult a yuma personal injury attorney. You might be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries and your attorney can help you get it. 

How Eye Injuries Happen

A person can suffer from partial or total blindness because of some diseases. However, eye injuries are commonly caused by car accidents in Yuma. Due to the constant exposure of the eyes and their vulnerability, any trauma to them can lead to serious injury. Eye injuries are commonly caused by car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, chemical spills, defective products, construction accidents, and more. Usually, somebody else may be to blame for an eye injury.

Types of Eye Injuries

Even simple damage to one of the components of your eye can impact the entire eye. In fact, even minor injuries like a scratch to the cornea can lead to more serious complications. A damaged cornea can leave the entire eye susceptible to infection. 

A car accident can result in penetrating injuries that involve something entering and damaging the eye. Such injuries can lead to total blindness in at least the affected eye. Meanwhile, when the back of your head is hit during an accident, it can damage the vision center of your brain, leaving it unable to interpret images. Also, an accident can lead to swollen eyelids which means the eyes have suffered blunt trauma. Although a swollen eyelid could by itself, it can still lead to infection if the eye is not treated properly.

How to Claim for Compensation

Eye injuries can be quite costly to treat, depending on the severity. Your eye injury may require you to wear an eye patch, take expensive medication, go through an emergency surgical procedure, and complete follow-up therapy. Without compensation, you may have to pay for these expenses with your own money. You can claim compensation if your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence. Your attorney can help you with the process.