It’s no secret that modern dating can be quite the experience. Whether you’re meeting people organically or swiping endlessly to find your perfect match, finding the right partner for the perfect date isn’t always an easy task. First impressions are everything and finding that indefinable spark on a first date is often a challenge. Nonetheless, everyone deserves to find what they’re looking for. Here are some tips to help you swipe right for the night of your life.

Set yourself up for success from the start.

Of course, it all starts with dating profiles. If you set your profile up in a rush the first time or you haven’t gone over it in a while, have a closer look now. Are you still happy with all your photos? Does your bio still describe you well? Lots of dating apps have options to add more detail about what you’re looking for and what you’re like as a person, so make sure you’ve filled everything out. The more information you give, the more chance you have of scoring a first date with someone you actually have a lot in common with.

Be open to new opportunities.


When we’ve been dating around for a long time, we often start falling into the same patterns. We date the same kinds of people according to personal preference, and then wonder why it never works out. It might be time to broaden your horizons and start opening yourself up to new experiences—like going on blind dates. A blind date takes some of the stress off of first impressions. Your friends and family know you well enough to know who your type might be, so why not put some trust in them? When it comes to having fun on a blind date, the good news is that you will be going in completely fresh. There’s no nerve-wracking build-up, wondering whether they’ll be different in person. Blind dates are a clean slate and that can be a great advantage when it comes to having a good time!

Go in with confidence.


Your date will definitely pick up on any discomfort coming from you, so it’s a good idea to go in as relaxed and confident as possible. Of course, we all have our hang-ups, but remember that this person has agreed to go on a date with you for a reason. They must like what they’ve seen so far, so try not to worry too much about whatever is bringing your confidence down. We all have little parts of ourselves we worry about, but so much of that is not under our control. For example, erections and penis size are insecurities that the majority of men worry about but, if penis size is genetic as many doctors say, there’s nothing we can do about it anyway. Plus, did you know that erectile dysfunction affects a quarter of sexually active men? It’s largely down to testosterone anyway, and is more common than you think. So stop worrying about the sexual function and size of your penis, relax, and have fun! Penis size is certainly not the only thing that your dates will be thinking about.

Get rid of insecurities.


Of course, if there’s something that you’re really worried about, then it can start to affect your dating confidence and sex life. In these cases, you could look into whether there is something you can do about your insecurities. For example, research has been done into how to get a bigger dick. Penis enlargement is more common than you might think and can give a serious boost to male confidence. Look into a natural remedy, such as creams or testosterone therapy, that can help you boost your self-esteem and your sexual satisfaction at the same time. For sensitive areas like penises, you want to feel as confident as possible about your sexual health and penis size.

Take the pressure off.


Different people expect very different things from their dates. You can’t predict what other people are going to expect, so try not to overthink it too much in advance. If you have concrete expectations before a date, you might get flustered or nervous when things don’t go to plan. Be prepared to adapt and go with the flow, and both parties are sure to have a much better time.