You should see a dentist every six months and opt for dental cleaning sessions periodically. It is a common myth that dental cleaning hurts – Unless you have gum diseases or existing cavities, this is a fairly simple procedure. Most dental clinics like Oak Lawn Cosmetic Dentistry do offer teeth cleaning, and you can consider going in for an appointment to discuss things further with your dentist. In this post, we are sharing the top reasons to opt for regular dental cleaning.

  1. Prevent cavities. One of the key reasons for tooth decay, and eventual loss, is plaque. With teeth cleaning, your dentist will remove any possible signs of tartar and plaque, preventing further cavities and gum diseases.
  2. Prevent gum disease. Like we mentioned, the buildup of plaque is the foremost cause of periodontitis. Dental cleaning is done to remove any deposits or buildups on the surface of the teeth, which can eventually cause swelling of the gums.
  3. Enhance your smile. What we eat & drink can impact the color of our teeth. Dental cleaning is the best possible way to remove stains, and you can expect to reduce staining caused by smoking too.
  4. Prevent bad breath. One of the other reasons to get your teeth cleaned is to prevent bad breath. Even with regular brushing, there can be bad breath concerns, which is avoidable with in-clinic treatments.
  5. Reduce risks of infections. Dentists recommend in-clinic dental cleaning for preventing tooth and gum infections. When you go for a cleanup, your dentist will also do a complete exam, which will ensure that there are no existing dental concerns.

Find a clinic near you and go for an in-depth dental cleaning session. If you have inflamed gums or other conditions, your dentist may recommend corrective treatments first, before going for cleaning and teeth whitening.