Many men feel embarrassed discussing erectile dysfunction. For the unversed, erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a condition where a man is unable to hold or maintain erection. Sometimes, ED is related to lifestyle factors, like excessive smoking and alcohol abuse, while in other cases, it could be related to age, diabetes, and hypertension. The good news is there are many treatments available for erectile dysfunction. You need to first find a urologist Brooklyn New York to discuss your concerns. In this post, we are sharing a few treatment options for ED, although your urologist is the best person to decide on the course of treatment.

  1. Lifestyle changes. In many cases of erectile dysfunction, lifestyle changes are enough to reverse the condition. Your urologist may recommend things like reducing weight, more exercise, diet changes, to quit smoking, alcohol, and steroids. If the condition is temporary, some of these changes may work.
  2. Oral medications. The first line of medical treatment for erectile dysfunction is using oral medications such as Viagra and Levitra. These medications allow for more blood flow to the penis, allowing for longer erections.
  3. Injectable hormones. There are a few injectable hormones like Caverject that can be considered for ED. In other cases, if the patient has testosterone deficiency, urologist may recommend something like hormone replacement therapy.
  4. Penile implant. In case none of the other treatments work, your doctor may recommend a penis implant, which could be hydraulic or a semi-rigid one. There are a few side effects of penis implants, which again should be discussed in depth with your urologists. Patients with diabetes may not be the ideal candidates for penis implants.

Check with a known urologist to know the different types of erectile dysfunction treatments in depth, and don’t shy away from asking questions related to the pros and cons.