You were injured in a car accident and have suffered serious injuries. Before you realize and get better, medical expenses and bills will add up, and depending on the extent of your injuries, you may have to be out of work for weeks, or even months. If the other party was at fault, you should consider filing for a personal injury claim, for which you should consult a Yuma car accident attorney at the earliest. Hiring an attorney is definitely your call, but here are some situations when you should definitely get legal help.

  1. When you need to negotiate. Insurance companies just do not want to pay. They will do everything possible to ensure that your claim is either denied, or you are offered a sum that’s lower than what you deserve. To negotiate things better, you must hire a car accident attorney, who can represent your claim and deal with the insurance company.
  2. When you have a lawsuit. If the other party has blamed you for the fault, you should definitely consider hiring an attorney. The lawyer will decide the course of action, if you should find a lawsuit, and how to deal with the aftermath.
  3. When you have suffered serious injuries. If you have injuries that may impact your life, work, and everything else in the future, you may be entitled for a much better compensation amount. To know what your claim is worth, you definitely need to contact a personal injury attorney.

The role of an attorney is to represent your claim and ensure that you get justice. For that, the attorney may choose to actually investigate the matter and even go for accident reconstruction. The earlier you contact a law firm, the better, because the attorney can find details they need more easily and other evidences can be gathered.