It’s 2020, and the dress code for the workplace has changed. So take all those fancy shirts and dapper suits and push them straight to the back of your wardrobe. Its time to explore the most casual apparel there is and change it to your stylish workplace apparel of choice – yes, we are talking about the t-shirt.

Deceptively basic, but also super versatile, the t-shirt is one such apparel that you can experiment with endlessly. Read on to find out how you can style different types of t-shirts to create some trendy looks for the workplace.

Back To Basics – The Classic Round Neck T-shirt

From the playground, to college campus and now the workplace, the classic round neck t-shirt has been every man’s friend and trusted go-to fashion apparel on every occasion. So, we are bringing the round neck t-shirt to the workplace and making it super suave with just a few styling tips.

  • Pair a dark coloured monochrome round neck t-shirt with chinos and a semi-formal jacket for a casual meeting or brunch with clients
  • Pair the round neck t-shirt with a shirt on top and formal trousers for a casual dressing day at work
  • In winters, you can pair the round neck t-shirt with trousers and a long coat for a cozy look. Throw in a scarf around the neck for extra warmth and as a stylish accessory.

Here Comes The Henley T-Shirt 

The Henley t-shirts are the perfect choice for working men – the most formal, semi-formal t-shirt there is. Short sleeve or long sleeve, dark coloured or light coloured, these t-shirts look super cool and adequately formal no matter how you style them. If you are a fitness buff, this t-shirt will also enhance your muscles and offer you a comfortable, snug fit. If the cooling system at your workplace is brutal, and you are looking for full sleeve t-shirts for men, then these Henley t-shirts are the perfect fit for you.

  • Pair the classic Henley t-shirt with denims or cotton track pants for men, for a casual day at work.
  • For a formal look, pair the t-shirt with formal trousers like chinos, and throw in a pair of loafers to complete the look.
  • If you have a meeting with clients, but don’t want to don a suit, go for a monochrome Henley t-shirt and throw on a work jacket on top for a meeting ready look.
  • Full sleeve t-shirts for men are super comfy during winter, so pair a t-shirt with a winter coat and a hat and you are all set to brave the chill outside.

At Sporto, the Henley t-shirts come in different colours and sleeve sizes and the options are endless. So head on over and pick the ones you can style with items you already have in your wardrobe.

V for V Neck T-Shirts That Never Go Out Of Style

V neck t-shirts are versatile and super comfy to wear on a daily basis. When paired with cotton track pants, they give you an athleisure vibe, and when paired with work trousers, they can easily fit into your work dress code. For a more formal look it is best to stick to solid coloured, V-neck t-shirts, and you can find a wide range of those at Sporto. Here are some basic styling tips for v neck t shirts :

  • Pair with dark-coloured denims for the right casual chic vibe. Throw in a work blazer and you are all set to transition from the meeting look to chilling with friends look in minutes.
  • Pair it with fitted trousers and throw in a patterned shirt over your V-neck tee for a casual, yet fun look that is perfect for a day at work.

Comfort Trumps All

The cardinal rule of dressing for work is to dress comfortably and carry yourself with confidence. So even if you are the only one wearing a t-shirt to work, make sure you own your style and never second-guess your look. So, mix and match, experiment, have fun and happy dressing!