Ask any adult how many schools they attended in their formal education and most say between 2-5 and there might be one or two that studied at a single school, yet there are many benefits to a single school education, which we will explore in this article.

Creating & Developing Relationships

We all know how important it is to have friends and we develop relationships as we grow; yet should that be interrupted by having to relocate and study at a different school, this can have a traumatic effect on any child. We can all remember how sad we felt when we had to say goodbye to our classmates when we left the school, but it doesn’t have to be that way, as there are single schools (K-12) that accept students from 3-18 years old.

Three Main Sections

For a K-12 school, there would be 3 sections:

  1. Early learning
  2. Middle school
  3. High school

One such school located in Bangkok is, where the children learn the British curriculum and not having to change schools really does help your child in so many ways.

Getting the Best from the Students

When a child studies for 12 years at the same campus, the teachers are able to develop a strong bond with their students, which benefits both parties, especially when the students enter the high school section. Of course, academic learning should be a priority and when looking at international schools, check the GPA stats to get a clear indication of academic excellence.

Save Money

It is worth noting that every time a child changes school, there is the considerable expense of new uniforms, books and other aspects, while studying at a K-12 school, you still have to upgrade clothing due to natural growth, yet that is much less than relocating would be.

With your child enrolled in a K-12 school, you can rest assured that they are getting all the benefits of studying at a single school for 12 years. If your child is almost ready for pre-school, start with a Google search to find K-12 schools nearby, then browse the websites and create a shortlist of schools to tour.

The best form of education is the international school and many do offer a comprehensive K-12 education, which is ideal. If your child graduates from an English-speaking international school, this will open doors for further education and your son or daughter can realise their full potential thanks to K-12 schools.