When it comes to making your home spotless, your interiors shine, and your neighbours green with envy; there are limited ways to do this, particularly if you are on a budget. We thought we would take this opportunity to share some trade secrets with you, with regards to which products make home design simple.

Join us, while we take a glimpse into the life of the interior designer and we get down to design business. Find our which home design products are hot, and which are not, this home-loving-season.

Products to Make Your Interior Design Shine

Without further ado, let’s talk about the tools of the trade we use to keep ahead of the trend curve.

1 – Mouldable Glue

Would you believe that you can use mouldable glue in every room of your home? You might not think it, but it can be placed, shaped, and then seal any area in any part of your home. Need a coat hook? Mould some Sugru into the position you need and leave it to dry. Want to make shelving appear to float? Sugru does it without even needing a drill. If you have something that just needs glued back together again then it does that too… but in terms of products that are long lasting, set waterproof, and will make your day-to-day life simpler? Mouldable glue ticks every box.

2 – The Furniture Pen

Another product we use five times a week is a touch up pen for furniture. These will solve any home design issues involving scratches, scuffs, or marks on otherwise flawless wooden pieces. Be it pine or mahogany, a furniture pen will draw over the scratch, scuff, or black mark, and touch it up back to its normal colour. It’s essentially a pen for drawing on your furniture, but this time the aim is to blend it in instead of making your drawing stand out.

The best thing about the furniture pen is that you can’t see it. Unless your wooden pieces are physically dented then it will work to cover any mishaps you had when moving. It works on all wood types, just make sure you buy the right shade!

3 – Wonderous Wipes

When painting and decorating, the proof is in the pudding. What we mean by that is that any tiny mistake you make will be amplified times one hundred when put on a wall. Take off excess paint, wipe up accidental areas of spillage, or even get gloss out your clothing before it sets, all with wonder wipes. These are a nifty thing to have around the house anyway but become a vital tool for decorating. No matter what you are painting, have these handy, just in case something goes wrong.

Bonus Round – Magnetic Window Cleaner

This isn’t necessary for an excellent interior design finish – but it is necessary to have clean windows, especially if you want the neighbours to be able to see inside and therefore get jealous. A magnetic window cleaner attaches to the outside of the window via a magnet so you can work up a lather then rinse it all off. Watch this space because we are calling it right now. This is the product of the future. In five years’ time, owning one will be mandatory.

Home Design Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Don’t overthink things. Home design should be about what you like and what makes you happy. After all, even if the neighbours are turning green with envy – you are the one that has to live with it. Stick to your own tastes as a guideline and all will be well… particularly if you have taken our tips on home design into account.