On TV, in the street, on the internet, you couldn’t escape it. Slowly, the current year is about to turn the last page of his book. Carillon, snowballs and Santa Claus announce the imminent coming of the end of year celebrations and the famous question: How to dress for parties? In this fashion guest post we will explore that.

  • Between Christmas full of gratitude and the New Year bringing hope, it is difficult to find the ideal outfit.
  • The one that will respect the codes of the event enough while being quite distinguished but allowing you to remain yourself.

Relax. By following these few tips, you will be ready for the big days and receive all the Christmas gifts that a man would like to have.

Shine brightly on Christmas Eve

What outfit to celebrate Christmas Eve with the family?

Be careful, “shining brightly” is not to be taken literally. The garlands are reserved for the trees and the decoration of the room.

On the other hand, if you are celebrating the event with your family, there is one item of clothing that you can wear without embarrassment: the Christmas sweater . Its thick woolen weave protects you from drafts, its variegated patterns prove that you still have your child’s soul and its bright colors make you spotted for miles around.

To be reserved only for the Christmas period, this famous sweater is worn over an impeccably ironed shirt, preferably white, and with simple jeans. Complete the set with a pair of white tennis shoes or classic and chic derbies.

Do you celebrate Christmas with friends? These outfits are made for you

For a relaxed evening with friends, casual chic is the order of the day. It is also an opportunity to take out the Christmas sweater we mentioned earlier.

Otherwise, a long-sleeved sweater with a black turtleneck will be perfect. Close to the body, it will go perfectly with chinos. Because the weather is unpredictable and cold, put on a suit jacket under your coat before leaving the house.

Hipsters will reaffirm their uniqueness. For them, Christmas Eve will be celebrated like every day with a touch of elegance and more: with linen pants and a chic blazer, you will emanate an aura mixing tradition and modernity.

The ideal outfit to start the new year

How to dress to celebrate New Years Eve with the family?

Just because a lot of those present changed you when you were little doesn’t mean you should make no effort. December 31 is an opportunity to take stock of the current year and start the 365 days to come in a good mood. Don’t spoil everything with a neglected outfit.


It is possible to be elegant with just a few basics. Put on your most beautiful slim jeans, get the latest Versace men’s sneakers for a touch of originality and finish with a white shirt or a sweater with an elegant cardigan. We will love the quirky side brought by the jacket. Your brother will be in ecstasy in front of your shoes. Your parents will appreciate the “nice boy” side of the outfit. In a few minutes, you will have succeeded in getting everyone to agree.