The entire globe is witnessing one of the biggest pandemics in the history of evolution. What seemed like an innocuous little virus with no grave consequences has turned everything upside down in a matter of a few months. The global residents are confined to their homes, thanks to the worldwide lockdown. This has affected individuals at so many levels, be it mental, physical, or emotional. While some are considering this unsolicited holiday period as a blessing in disguise, others are grappled with fear and anxiety. No wonder, coronavirus has disrupted our daily lives but if we keep focussing on the negative aspects, keep filling our hearts with unhealthy emotions and keep discarding our physical health in the process, we are not going to do any good to ourselves. The need of the hour is to focus on the positive aspects of the corona times and keep up with a healthy lifestyle, no matter what.

When it comes to keeping a healthy lifestyle, we face a lot of challenges. Plus, in times like these, the challenges become even more profound. If you used to be a fitness freak and your daily exercise routine involved working out in the gym, you may find yourself in a difficult spot. But, you know what makes you stronger? Finding out ways to stay shoulder to shoulder with your fitness routine. Okay, we understand you won’t be able to step out of your house and head to the gym for a few more days. But, does that mean you can’t do anything about it? When you are at home with zero alternatives, it’s best to leverage the opportunity. All we want is you to continue with your fitness regime inside the walls of your house.

Let iConnect Be Your Fitness Survivor

If you are into fitness watches and totally admire how they function, it’s time to leverage your sweet-sweat love affair. Before we go forward telling you about numerous ways in which you can accomplish what we just discussed, we must take a look at the incredible specifications of iConnect by Timex and what makes it stand apart from the rest.

Here you go:

With astounding features like step counting, heart rate monitoring, distance tracking, and calorie tracking, the iConnect fitness watch comes in many different colored straps. These straps are quite stout and retain the tracker module in place.

It’s touch screen display allows you to read operate the watch with ease even in the bright light environments. Light in weight and comfortable to wear, it has three watch faces to show varied applications and functionalities.

The watch allows you to choose among various activities and aids your calorie burnt tracking besides providing other useful data insights. With amazing battery life, it can work pretty well for up to days without charging. Moreover, it has water-resistance which makes it useful for activities like swimming.

To use iConnect , you need to pair the watch with Timex iConnect app. If you are looking forward to buy smartwatch in India that comes equipped with all the sophisticated functionalities and helps amp up your fitness routine like nothing else, Timex iConnect is your go-to.

How to leverage iConnect to make your quarantine times fitness-worthy?

You can very well, keep a track of your health using iiConnect’s advanced features. Even when you are indulged in activities like cleaning and dusting, you can keep a record of your step counts. If you think you are not walking enough, think of the ways to amplify it. Moreover, you can use the sleep track mode to know whether or not you are sleeping alright. The heart rate monitor will help you keep your cardiac health in check.

In these tough times, leading a healthy life is the most important thing. Couple up with your iConnect by Timex and welcome health and fitness with arms open! If you are looking forward to buy men’s watches online that are in line with your health routine, consider iConnect and wait for a lethargic lifestyle to take a back seat permanently.