Many people feel engagement ring is a token of love and commitment towards his/her partner, but there are few people who question the use of proposing with an expensive ring with no profit. These days, in Singapore new culture has evolved wherein few of them are making a proposal with flats. To be practical, it is highly unromantic way to express the feelings.

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Here is a guide for men to purchase an engagement ring that help you in choosing a perfect one.

Set a budget

Most of the young couples are getting married at the age of late 20s or in early 30s. Already, you may have loans like housing, education, etc. Purchasing a costly engagement ring will add to the debts.

Setting a budget limit is your personal decision, but don’t get influenced by others. Instead of choosing a ring of heavy price tag, go with a simple one that matches perfectly to your girlfriend’s personality.

Your feelings are important

Whatever the engagement ring may be, the most crucial decision is both your girlfriend and you have chosen each other to lead a happy married life. The engagement ring reflects your love story, values and circumstances. Those are precious and memorable compared to costly diamonds.


  • Cut – It is not about diamond shape, actually it is the cut made by a cutter. An excellent diamond cut reflects and projects the light of stone. Grade of cut is an essential factor to determine the look of a beautiful diamond.
  • Clarity – All the diamonds are formed in the deep layers of earth, so they contain few imperfections. Few stores offer certified diamonds by choosing those stores you can get quality diamonds.
  • Color – Generally, diamonds range from colorless (D) to light yellow (Z) on a grading scale. It is difficult to get colorless diamonds. Also, they are highly expensive.
  • Carat – It refers to the diamond weight not size. 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams approximately.

Diamonds are women’s best friends, to make your special day memorable choose the store in Singapore that offer quality diamond rings within your budget and purchase today.