These days, wedding bands have become a symbol of love and fashion, especially in Singapore. They look beautiful and you have ample designs to choose from. You will find fascinating collection of bridal sets – matching wedding bands and engagement rings.

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Here is some information about different styles of wedding bands that help you in choosing the right one for you and your better half to express your style.

Wedding band styles

Even though, gold wedding and engagement rings are quite common for a wedding, but getting wedding bands matching with the engagement rings has become a trend these days. In case, you want to go more of traditional wedding rings, you can choose wedding bands that match with your engagement rings or overlay a band made with similar kind of metal.

You need to consider few things when purchasing a wedding band. They include:        

  • Either you can choose same stones or mix with gem stones, white diamonds, or different color diamonds
  • You can even choose same metals like rose gold for both or platinum for both or others
  • You can also mix gold in both wedding band and engagement band.

Even, you can choose the one that stands itself. It may contrast with your engagement rings rather than matching. It creates really a different and new style that expresses your personal style and creativity. Wedding bands will add more meaning to your vows in the family.

Ring setting styles

There are 4 common ring setting styles such as classic, vintage, solitaire, and halo. It is important to know regarding these settings if you want to try wedding bands or rings that matches with your engagement rings. Halo, it fits perfectly under the border of a stone center and vintage requires a wedding band, shaped particularly to fit with your engagement ring cut.

There are many stores in Singapore that offer unique style wedding bands and rings. Choose the best one, visit today to select your favorite style wedding bands for making a more memorable day on your wedding.